[10/2023] One Paper is accepted to WACV 2024: UDA(Empowering Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Large-scale Pre-trained Vision-Language Models).

[09/2023] A summary of my recent papers: (1) a new multimodal LLM that can refer and ground anything anywhere at any granularity Ferret. (2) using LLM and multimodal LLM for alt-text re-writing to improve CLIP training veCLIP.

[10/2022] Serving as session co-chair for ECCV CVinW Workshop and being responsible for ODinW. Full schedule here:

[10/2022] Selected as one of the Young Scholar Award recipients for NeurIPS 2022.

[09/2022] One paper accepted to NeurIPS 2022: GLIPv2. A team effort to push CVinW

[08/2022] Updated GLIP Hugging Face Gradio Demo! Feel free to check it out!!!

[09/2022] Organizing ECCV Workshop Computer Vision in the Wild (CVinW), where two challenges Image Classification in the Wild (ICinW) and Object Detection in the Wild (ODinW) are hosted to evaluate the zero-shot, few-shot and full-shot performance of pre-trained vision models.

[03/2022] One paper accepted to CVPR 2022: GLIP as an Oral & Best Paper Finalist.

[10/2021] I am the 🏆winner of Video Track (in both MOTChallenge-STEP and KITTI-STEP dataset) in the 6th BMTT Challenge (in conjunction with ICCV 2021)!

[06/2020] Our team is the winner of track 3 (multi-object tracking and segmentation in KITTI-MOTS and MOTS20 dataset with public detection) and the runner-up of track 2 (multi-object detection, tracking and segmentation in KITTI-MOTS dataset) in the 5th BMTT Challenge in CVPR 2020 workshop. [Details…]